April 13, 2017

Work It With WEN And Love The Way Your Hair Will Respond

None of us ask for fine, limp locks, but unfortunately, that is the luck of the draw. Many of us are hair challenged because of our do nothing tresses. Take Emily McClure as an example. The beauty writer for Bustle.com is cursed with fine hair that gets greasy easily, and she becomes frustrated trying to deal with it.

Since she gets to sample tons of beauty products, Emily decided to try the famous WEN By Chaz hair care line. You know the one; a no lather shampoo concept that gives you Hollywood hair. That’s the kind of mane Emily longed for, so she went for it, choosing the Fig cleansing conditioner for extra body and moisture.

Emily made a superb choice because WEN is a very thoughtful hair care line. The CEO and founder is a celebrity stylist based in L.A. with a famous list of star clients. Chaz Dean believes that strong chemicals belong in your household cleaners but not in your shampoos. However, parabens and sulfates are present in most shampoos and conditioners out there.

Chaz Dean launched Wen.com with a lovely blend of healthy botanicals and their essential extracts. His unique cleansing conditioners offer shine, smoothness and repair hair weakness caused by chemicals.

Emily enjoyed massaging WEN onto her scalp and hair, and when she rinsed away the product, noticed more volume and a smoother texture. She blew dry her locks and styled them and ended up with fab hair. She looked gorgeous, and her video uploads on YouTube point to the results.

Emily gives the WEN way high marks, saying she achieved manageable hair when she washed with WEN every morning. WEN is not for lazy women, she admits, and if you have the time to spend on creating the look, WEN will not fail you.

Wen products are Sephora available and can also be purchased online on http://chazdean.com/store.aspx.