February 23, 2019

Why Igor Cornelsen May Be Considered An Investment Genius

Igor Cornelsen is a widely known and respected investor in the Brazilian market, with an extensive portfolio of high-earning investments to his name. To date, he’s probably one of the most successful Brazilian investors in the market. However, he wasn’t always at the top of the Brazilian investment world, and it took him a while to become as successful as he is. Igor Cornelsen first went to college in 1965 when he enrolled in an Engineering course at the Federal University of Paran.

This was quite a feat in itself as the Federal University of Paran was the only college in the area that offered any kind of Engineering course at the time. However, Mr. Cornelsen lost interest in engineering after two years and switched his focus to economics; he had always been interested in numbers and maths, so it seemed like a natural choice. He graduated from the Federal University of Parana in 1970 and quickly got a job at Multibanco.

According to Igor Cornelsen, this was standard practice for recent economic graduates. However he had an advantage over many of his peers; computers were only beginning to enter the industry, and with his experience in his Engineering course, he was able to get ahead in many areas. This quickly led to success, and Igor Cornelsen was able to open the door to becoming an investment banker.

With all of the skills he needed, Mr. Cornelsen was able to become successful relatively quickly. He was still with Multibanco and focused on developing unique investment strategies that became quite successful. After this, he was appointed to the investment banks board of governors in 1974 and then became CEO in 1976. Following Bank of America’s purchase of Multibanco, Igor Cornelsen held a variety of positions with different companies, including the likes of Libra Bank PLC, Unibanco and more.