April 25, 2018

What Is Clay Hutson Out For In His Recent Venture

The recent move by Clay Hutson of working with the renowned pop artist Ashley Nicolette commonly known as Hasley seems to draw the attention of many but he is just doing what he knows best. In the tour organized by Hasley in Australia, Hutson will be her tour manager. This means that the pop star is looking to work with some strong support team which will lead to the use of high classic and modernized equipment in her performances, more crowds of fans, more musical acts and definitely more popularity. All these will be weaved together to exhume an outstanding live show by the renowned tour manager Clay Hutson.

Hasley first blew up the minds of her fans especially in social media when she released her own music. Nevertheless, when she joined hands with Astralwerks she became a commercial artist and her fame grew even more after the release of her called “Bad at Love”. The tour she is embarking on will involve other female performers in pop music. The name of the tour is named Hopeless Fountain Kingdom World Tour which is the name of her latest album. The tour is expected to be one the combination and a lineup of admirable female artists.

Organizing such a tour is not an issue to Clay Hutson for he has a great image and reputation in organizing such events and she has organized for various pop artists like Pink, Guns N’Roses, Kelly Clarkson and even Prince. Hutson has gone through ups and downs in his business and he is well equipped to deal with any pressure that may arise from the tour. Taking recession was not easy for him and to reach the level he is now he had to overcome doubts and keep up diligence and consistency.

The reason this pair is likely to work well is their similarities in the way they interact with the social media and the tour is expected to be a real escapade. Hutson owns has been providing services to various musicians and various event organizers. Being a well-trained sound engineer, he has been employed by various companies and ended up becoming their project manager. Despite the challenges in his business venture, his skills and talents have given him the confidence to continue pushing his business forward.

One of the values that have kept Hutson an attraction of many performers, is his dedication, application of professionalism and spending even for long hours during a performance. This has made him to always prepare well prior to an event and arrange his equipment properly. Learn more: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/clayton-hutson-1a2e