July 28, 2017

The Success Story of Greg Secker

Just in his mid-twenties, Greg had already accomplished what so many people could only dream of achieving in their life time. His creative mind and ability to innovate were all to thank for as they propelled him to great heights and in term making him a famous person in the world of finance. His creative genius saw him revolutionize Forex Trading enabling the trade to evolve into the new age of computers. His invention brought about the ease of trading forex exchange by traders from all over the world. Greg Secker developed a trading system that was simple to use. The touching of a button was able to instantly facilitate trading to occur with other traders across the world.

Becoming a businessman was initial not Greg Secker’s career path as he had initial pursued Agriculture and Food Science from the University of Nottingham but down the line, he had a change of heart and decided to switch into the world of finance. This was a brilliant move for him as he quickly made a break through invention which saw him become one of the youngest and most influential millionaires by his mid-twenties.

The onset of his business career saw Mr. Greg Secker begin work at Thomas Cool Financial Service in the year 1990. It is while working here that Greg’s eureka moment of inventing an online Forex Trading system was born. After actualizing his idea, he named the newly created Forex Trading platform The Virtual Trading Desk. This trading system was the first ever online Forex Trading Company in the entire world. With this system, one could be able to conduct trade in real time enabling one to book and get or receive the actual time trading prices in an instant from other traders.

His success story enabled his Forex Trading Company to go on and become a very successful company in the whole of Europe. This success allowed him to go on and open other businesses that equally became as successful. One good example is the Learn to Trade Company that he started at home. As it was destined the company became successful and thirteen years later had expanded to many countries. The company received three awards in 2012 and 2013 as the Best Educator by World Finance Magazine and in 2015 for being the Best Forex Trader Training in the United Kingdom.