August 9, 2018

Ted Bauman Shares His Point Of View On Investing From An Economist’s Standpoint

An American by birth, Economist Ted Bauman chose to spend 25 years living and working in South Africa. He first went there to attend college at the University of Capetown. After graduating from there he went back to the United States for a few years so that he could earn a business administration degree at The State University of New York. He also has an MBA that he acquired by attending Georgia State University.

While he was in South Africa, Ted Bauman worked in high-level positions for nonprofits that built low-income housing projects. He moved back to America in 2013 and took up residence in Atlanta Georgia. He is now an editor of a Florida-based firm, Banyan Hill Publishing, which publishes articles and newsletter designed to help people invest their money. His particular specialties are lower-risk strategies, asset protection, and privacy issues. He writes his articles from the point of view of an economist which means he has pretty broad views on the economy and so looks at the larger picture.

One industry that Ted Bauman has been following in recent years is cryptocurrencies. He said that many people became paper-millionaires during 2017 when the value of them, especially Bitcoin, spiked in value. Over the course of a year Bitcoin shot up 1500% in value before nosediving. He has offered his views on putting money into cryptocurrencies in some of his writings. He said there are a number of issues for why the value tanked but he thinks that it is the IRS implications that largely play a role. He said that because digital currencies tend to get bought and sold in small increments it can be an absolute nightmare to figure out the federal taxes owed on profits.

He has also recently written an article about protecting the cash you keep on hand for emergencies. He says you should have a decent stockpile of cash but where to keep it can be problematic. His solution, if you want to store it at home, is to invest in a very secure, fire-proof, and water-proof safe. If you want to keep it off-premises Ted Bauman suggests using a safe-deposit box at your bank.

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