January 20, 2019

Steve Ritchie: How Papa John’s Will Be Innovative With Diversity And Inclusion

As most companies in today’s business world know, appealing to a wide variety of people is often the best way to guarantee success. But to do this, it often takes a combination of very innovative programs and ideas to make it happen. If this is any indication of what it takes for corporate success, then Papa John’s Pizza CEO Steve Ritchie seems to be on the right track. Putting together an innovative set of strategies aimed at improving the company’s diversity and inclusion among employees and customers, Steve Ritchie believes positive results are in the company’s future.

As a beginning to this program, Steve Ritchie and numerous other company executives from Papa John’s will be traveling to many franchise locations across the country, where they will meet with customers, employees, and franchise owners in an attempt to see the various strengths and weaknesses involved in daily operations. Along with this, the face-to-face meetings will allow Steve Ritchie and other executives to discuss the company’s additional plans for diversity, laying the groundwork for future endeavors.

Along with taking back with them a wide variety of ideas and suggestions given to them by people from all walks of life, Steve Ritchie has also announced Papa John’s will be starting two very innovative programs aimed at increased diversity. One is the creation of a company-wide franchise development program aimed at helping those from various minority groups become franchise owners, of which many of these potential franchisees are expected to come from within the ranks of Papa John’s hourly employees.

But perhaps most exciting of all to Steve Ritchie is the announcement of a Papa John’s foundation, which will be focused on investing time and money into communities where company employees currently live. By doing this, he feels Papa John’s employees and many other community members can come together to solve a variety of problems, leading to much stronger communities.

By choosing to address the issues of diversity and inclusion in a proactive manner, Steve Ritchie and Papa John’s Pizza have positioned themselves to become industry leaders in this increasingly important area of business.