March 20, 2017

Service To Others Is Not Just A Company Slogan To Vijay Eswaran

When Vijay Eswaran spoke at the 46th World Economic Forum (WEF) in 2016, his topic was spirituality in business, which he admits was a daunting topic at first. Nevertheless, Eswaran realized that as executive chairman of the QI Group, he incorporated spirituality into his business everyday by insisting that the IQ Group, while concerned about being profitable, never becomes mercenary.

To Eswaran, a business should be ethical, treat employees well and distribute profits fairly, in addition to being caring and treating the IQ Group’s employees as family. This, according to Eswaran, is how to incorporate spirituality into a business. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran:

QBuzz reported that to Vijay Eswaran, being caring obviously includes philanthropy, although he did not specifically mention it in his speech. He created the RYTHM, or Raise Yourself to Help Mankind, Foundation as the social responsibility arm of the QI Group.

The RYTHM Foundation focuses on building communities, community well being through vegetarianism and supporting families that have a child with special needs.

The QI Group’s Vijayaratnam Foundation, which serves people in Malaysia, supports education, community development, the arts and the environment. In 2011, Forbes Asia named Eswaran one of its Heroes of Philanthropy and in the same year, he received the Lifetime Achievement Award for Regional Philanthropy at the 3rd World Chinese Economic Forum.

After co-founding the QI Group in 1998, Eswaran consistently showed how he brought spirituality into his business by valuing service to others, which is why he is often called upon to speak not only about his success in business, but how he maintains his ethical values while running a global conglomerate.