January 12, 2017

Securus Technology Revolutionizes the Christmas Experience for Inmates

Technology is greatly advancing, and companies are not holding back from taking maximum advantage. An example of this maximization of modern technology is a video I recently watched on YouTube. The video, titled ‘Securus Family Communication during Xmas’ shows an inmate communicating with his son through a video chat.


The child is talking to his father as if they were conversing face to face. After catching up on how each other is doing, the son proceeds to the Christmas tree where he opens his presents as his father watches. It is amazing how the family is happily brought together in what could have otherwise been a visit in a cold room. The inmate can be with his family during the festive season, as they open their gifts and have a good time. The excitement in this man is undeniable. It is possible for him to converse with his family in a standard setting and not in the depressing prison.


The video visitation technology is enabled by a technology company called Securus, whose main activities is to provide efficient video conferencing and communication services for prisons. This technology, which overtakes the traditional prison visitation, comes with several benefits.


By design, prisons are located miles away from the population centers, which means that many families have to travel for long hours when visiting their loved ones. With the modern technology of video conferencing, these long trips are no longer an issue. It is now possible for the entire family to see their incarcerated loved one from the comfort of their home. As a result, the number of visits and the period of face time has increased; the video calls can be as long and as often as the family wishes.


An added benefit of the Securus’ video technology is that it gives the inmates the opportunity to have a taste of what’s happening outside prison. Previously, prisoners could not receive such luxury of seeing the latest developments at home in real-time. This is the perfect opportunity to connect with their family in a typical setting.

The inmates no longer have to hear stories about how Christmas was and silently wish they were there. Securus has provided the perfect solution which not only saves money and time, but it also improves the quality of inmate’s meetings with their loved ones.