December 31, 2018

Ryan Secrest : Meeting his match with Food blogger Shayna Taylor

America’s most recognized face is no doubt that of Ryan Secrest, and rightfully so as the man has practically done it all in the world of broadcasting, showbiz and business. Ryan for was first introduced the country as a young-faced co-host on the highly successful American Idol, soon after Ryan would take part in a few producing projects working on a little reality show you may have heard “Keeping up with the Kardashians” which still airs to this day. In addition to his ventures in television, Ryan is also the host of Los Angeles’s most listened to radio show “On Air with Ryan“. As far as the business world. Ryan has created numerous successful business such as that of Polish by Dr.Lancer, a skincare product line and also “Distinction”, Ryan’s men’s clothing line that is sold exclusively at Macy’s stores across the country.

With all this on his plate, Ryan Secrest has even managed to find love in the heart of Food blogger and model Shayna Taylor. The couple met back in 2013 and hit right off right away, in fact, Ryan stated that his attraction to Taylor was developed over her ability to cook up some of the best gluten-free pancakes he’s ever had. Although the couple did break up for a while in 2014, they both agreed it was for the best as Taylor stated, they both needed to mature a little more. Flashforward to 2017 and the couple has now packed up their L.A home and moved east to New York City where Ryan works with Kelly Ripa on the highly successful “Live with Kelly and Ryan”. The couples undeniable compatibility is truly amazing as they both are extremely into health, wellness and fitness, in fact, both at the moment are currently working on wellness blog Shayna’s Kitchen as a way to spend time with each other while doing what they love.