September 9, 2018

Randal Nardone and The Decision Making Phases

Randal Nardone has undertaken critical steps in ensuring that Fortress Investment Group grows to achieve its intended goals and objectives in the market. The first step involved registering the organization in the New York Securities Exchange, where it becomes the first asset manager in the industry. This move attracted sufficient capital to spearhead the growth of the company by investing in other areas while at the same time making the company to sell its brand to the members of the public who later turned to be loyal customers.

The second leadership decision that Randal Nardone formulated and implemented in Fortress Group is ensuring that all the services were modernized through the incorporation of the new technology. This included revamping the customer service department so that it could look presentable and attractive to all the customers visiting the institution. Offering services to the customer using modern technology helped the customer service department to serve a significant number of people seeking services from the company within a short period.

The third decision that Randal Nardone has made is ensuring that Fortress Investment Group employed qualified personnel who would help the organization to achieve its vision without struggling. His human resource management enabled him to operate Peter Briger, a respected figure in the financial industry which has since helped the company to achieve high goals and objective through his experienced economic analysis and forecasting skills. Other essential employees work in other departments and who have proved to be vital assets in the growth of the company.

Recently, Randal Nardone has decided against selling Fortress Investment Group to Soft Bank, a Japanese who provided sufficient funds to buy the company. Many people have termed the decision to accept the bid as a bad decision while others prefer the company to take the proposal. It remains to be a matter to debate, but a decision has already been made.

However, a few days ago, Randal Nardone went to the media to clarify the issue. He said that the acquisition of Fortress Investment Group by the Japanese organization was all meant to be of great benefit to the investors of Fortress Group. He said that the leverage that the company will have on the goodwill of SoftBank is of great significance and the company is only bound to benefit from the engagement with the multinational. This clarification meant a lot to the investors of Fortress Group and the potential investors who had entered into panic mode, fearing that the move would affect their investments negatively.