July 15, 2018

OSI Industries Is Really Cooking These Days

The success of OSI Industries is continuing to surprise the food supply world. It began with the quintessential rags to riches, through hard work, story over 100 years ago with an immigrant from Germany, who made his way to America food product and put down roots in the mightiest of cities at the time, Chicago. His name was Otto Kolschowsky, and he had sons; hence the name Otto & Sons, which eventually became OSI Industries.

Since those days long ago, OSI Industries has grown to be one of the worlds largest suppliers of food. It has expanded globally, and has covered nearly every food market there is. They have recently greatly expanded their chicken production with the acquisition of a Tyson’s large production facilities in Chicago, and they haven’t slowed their growth at all. The meat market is what Otto began with, and the meat market is what OSI Industries leads the world in. Not only have they expanded their chicken market, their continuing dominance in pork, and beef has also grown. As of 2018, the Global Meat Market Analysis Report has detailed every aspect of world wide meat production; OSI Industries is prominently featured in that report, which is available online.

The launchpad for Otto’s success was the venerable McDonald’s restaurant, which is a story worthy of the silver screen. Otto & Son’s has, since those humble days long ago, been feeding the world with high quality food in most every form imaginable. They continue to innovate with new processes and new ways to distribute not only staples, but entire designed meals.

The 20,000 + employee staff has evolved with the technological boom, to a point where customized food options in a wide variety can easily be produced delivered worldwide. One can only imagine what is next, but it’s sure to be delicious. Super sized companies don’t get supersized by accident, and century long businesses don’t stay in business that long by accident either. Very hard work and dedication are the only way to produce the high quality products that stand the test of time.

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