September 25, 2016

Norka Luque Strives to Make a Difference in People’s Lives Through Her Music

Norka Luque, a Venezuelan artist currently living in Miami, does her music in a unique way. Her music is more inclined towards giving people hope in life, uplifting the less fortunate and setting them up on a proper moral path. Her song lyrics are carefully selected with each word carrying a significant moral impact on listeners. She is a role model to many young people. She is a leader, an entrepreneur and a compassionate friend to all.

Norka’s love for music started when she was a toddler. She could sing in events and churches, making the sad happier and giving the hopeless a reason to live and not give up. Her parents were supportive of her musical ambitions. As loving and responsible parents, all they wanted was for Norka to be a happy child. They enrolled her in ivy-league musical schools and training programs, which gave a strong foundation to build her musical prowess.

Just like most young people, Norka Luque found herself in a difficult situation choosing between her music and other careers. She was full of anxiety and skepticism fearing that music was not a proper definitive of a good career. At the same time, she contemplated music fantasizing about the good life associated with a successful career in music. Her anxiety overcame her, and she decided to join a university in France to pursue a career in banking.

But music was in her blood. It was something inbuilt, and Norka could not let go of such precious gift easily. She decided to engage in music while studying. She formed a band and could perform in local events and nightclubs. It was at this point that Norka experienced a turning point in her life. She was called by Emilio Estefan Jr, a well-established Venezuelan music producer. He immediately signed her to his label. Under him, Norka produced a lot of tracks including “Miracle,” which topped the country’s musical charts for 14 weeks consecutively.

Norka now lives in Miami, FL where she promotes her music. Norka understands the competitive musical industry in the United States. That is why she has taken her musical endeavors a notch higher. She now owns a company known as Norka Music where she produces her songs and also promotes other artists. She is currently working on a track called “Milardo,” which is set to hit the US and Venezuelan musical industries like a storm.