July 27, 2017

Mike Baur’s Business Diversification.

Mike Baur is a prominent Swiss entrepreneur and businessman. Mike Baur is the co-founder of the Swiss Startup Factory. Before founding the Swiss Startup Factory, Mike Baur worked in the banking industry. Mike served in various banks for more than twenty years. The banks include Clariden Leu and Union Bank of Switzerland. Later, Mike Baur left banking and began a new venture in investment in start-up enterprises. Mike’s experience in the organizations nurtured his vision of starting his own investment company.

While in the St. Gallen University, Mike Baur took part in different contests. Mike participated as a juror in the START Summiteer pitching contest. This contest took place at the University of Swiss. The aim of the START Summiteer contest was to bring new enterprises into awareness. During the event, thirty founders and entrepreneurs spoke publicly on various topics. The topics include the products, business plans, and business models. The contest provided an opportunity for the promising organizations that will attain greater future investments. This contest aided Baur in the foundation of SSUF.

Having the leadership skills, Mike Baur led the Swiss Startup Factory through its activities. Early 2016, Swiss Startup Factory participated in an accelerator program with the Goldbach Group. Under Mike Baur’s leadership, the factory partnered with Fintech Fusion. Mike understands the value of working with other business entities. Mike postulates that there is strength in working together with other companies.

The Swiss Start-up Factory started operations in 2014. The company is located in Zurich. The organization’s primary focus is to nurture upcoming digital entrepreneurs, provide exciting business opportunities throughout the entire network in Switzerland. The Swiss Startup Factory provides an outstanding platform for various services. The services the organization gives include mentoring, coaching and a large office service.

Baur’s change of career from banking to entrepreneurship in start-up ventures was inspiring. Mike was raised in Switzerland in Freiburg region. Baur grew up intending to achieve a better education. He went to Bern University and Rochester University where he earned his degrees in business. He began his career in banking at the age of sixteen. This was very encouraging. By 1991, Mike Baur had become a finance professional. Mike became an apprentice of the UBS.

Besides being renowned, Mike Baur is also a diverse individual. Mike seems to be found in almost every company. After acquiring work with CTI Invest, Baur still desired more achievements. Mike partnered with the BV4 Company. Mike postulates that the alliance will be beneficial to entrepreneurs in the gaining of capital. The alliance will also improve business standards.