June 18, 2018

Meet Vijay Eswaran, the Perfect Role Model for Emerging Entrepreneurs

If you are interested in the corporate world of business and want to be successful, then you should have a role model. Perhaps you are wondering why. Well, a role model will always guide you throughout your career. For instance, because a role model is well versed with the nature of the business you are delving into, he or she is in a better position to inform you of the impending challenges in the industry that you have chosen to delve into. For that reason, it is critical to look at one Vijay Eswaran, an individual who has carefully stood out as a team leader in the industry of multilevel marketing. Here is more about him;

Who is Vijay Eswaran?

Vijay Eswaran is a successful entrepreneur who grew up in the loving arms of hardworking parents. Therefore, as a child, he was tasked with significant responsibilities especially when it came to helping his mother in the house. Having grown up as a dedicated child who gave most of his time to family, he wanted to achieve more in life. Consequently, he joined a school and even worked as a cab guy to pay his school fees. While working, he gave most of his time to studies as he aspired to acquire better grades. Because his father was equally supportive, he managed to graduate with honors. Thereafter, he started working in promising and well-established firms including in a construction site and later the industry of binary systems.

Starting his Career

At the same time, Vijay Eswaran dedicated time and effort to acquire a professional qualification from CIMA. That explains how he became a significant influence in the market of binary system as he was now able to coordinate multiple business activities within the same industry. A few months into the coursework and professional qualification, Eswaran was now in a position to handle significant businesses in the sector of multilevel marketing. Because he witnesses the considerable benefits of working in the industry, he was now in a position to substantial in MLM. That is how he has been able to offer investment advice to emerging entrepreneurs and like-minded individuals.

The Businesses

As of now, Eswaran is the owner of QI Group, a prominent multilevel marketing company that focuses on different businesses including travel, telecommunications, wellness, health alongside corporate investments. What is more, the company has one central office and other branches spread across different locations including Thailand and Malaysia.

What about the Philosophy?

As a successful businessman, Vijay Eswaran has various philosophies that work pretty well for his career. Perhaps when you learn from the same book, you shall excel. Here are some of the critical points he highlights as his significant philosophies;

Integrity – you must adorn yourself with integrity if you want to earn your peer’s respect as a leader. Additionally, consider having moral and ethical values.

Humility – arrogance is the beginning of every step in failure. If you are egoistic, you need to work on your relationships with consumers and employees.

Patience – this is the most valuable and intriguing virtue of incorporating in business. As Eswaran puts it, patience is one practice that emanates the inner sense of calmness, serenity as well as tranquillity. Therefore, a patient leader will always guard his or her business to the core.