August 8, 2018

Meet Kamil Idris, An Expert In Intellectual Property And Globalization

Globalization has come up with an interconnected and cosmopolitan society. Individuals from countries that are developing can gain through globalization by getting less expensive products abroad. This makes them remain with extra cash that they can use to buy other goods. Countries that are already developed like U.S.A can also profit from making more money by selling their goods. Former General Director of the International Organization for Intellectual Property, Professor Kamil Idris, has realized that Intellectual Property to a greater extent can be significant for nations that are developing, particularly with regards to the economy. Ideas, knowledge, and information are the principal movers of the growth in the economy. Globalization also, on the other hand, acts as an initiator of export trade and might result in closer ties between nations. It has also assisted the quantity of the patent applications handed in internationally.

Even though it provides significant advantages to nations that are developing, globalization introduces new difficulties for regions looking to work in the present global economy. The movement of intellectual property among the different countries may bring up many problems. The issues surrounding the intellectual property in a world that is globalized involves patents theft, trade secrets and legal pitfalls in a world of tech. Areas with unbalanced expertise try to operate in close associations in the sphere of tech. Kamil identifies counterfeiting and piracy, and also expanded backlogs in preparing patent applications, to be the problems of intellectual property in a globalized world. On account of these challenges, Kamil Idris discusses that nations should concentrate a significant amount of assets on creating resources for intellectual property. Also, he suggested that countries must have experienced professionals in IP matters and environmental policy, which supports creativity and innovation.


Professor Kamil Idris serves as Mediation and Arbitration International Court’s President. Kamil concentrates on intellectual property and globalization issues, like economic development and IP laws. As a former diplomat and a person who hails from Sudan, Professor Kamil has a lot of experience in the politics of East Africa. Kamil Idris graduated from the University of Khartoum with a law degree, and he also holds Economic Theories, Philosophy and Political Science Bachelor of Arts from the University of Cairo.