February 18, 2017

Mark Sparks Path To Business Fruition

Marc Sparks is a serial entrepreneur with lots of success in his different ventures, but he does not view his success as sheer luck nor does he look down on other people. Among his numerous publications, he has illustrated how he became successful so as to encourage others to follow that same path. Recently, he published a book known as They Can’t Eat You that talks about how he got his success in business which is available in Amazon.com.

Unlike other prominent entrepreneurial intellectuals, Marc Sparks did not venture into his first enterprise via one investment; he gathered his resources well and walked into the business fields as an entrepreneur. His area of expertise is particularly in the telecommunication sector although he has footprints in other enterprises as well.

Having the skills of starting a dozen companies, Mr. Sparks found out that success comes as a byproduct of teamwork and good communication in the office. He shares his business journey in his book, where he outlines both his failures and successes while trying to learn the different chapters of entrepreneurship.

After the release of They Can’t Eat You, Mark Sparks started a new firm known as Timber Creek Capital. The foundation of the company stands on Mr. Sparks 35 years of entrepreneurial experience to run a sustainable business. Marc Sparks takes on a handful of roles in his different companies ranging from mentorship, marketing, banking, capital, locating office space, etc.

Sparks is a venture capitalist who lends start-up capital to firms that see the light at the end of the tunnel. Venture capitalism is a business that is driven by speculation; however, Mr. Sparks has never invested in the wrong firm.

Mr. Sparks firmly believes in anyone being successful in the business world as long as they key in the right effort. Currently, Marc Sparks is still the owner, CEO, and founder of Timber Creek Limited Partnership. He is also an author, serial entrepreneur, and philanthropist who continually turns new ideas into big businesses.

About Timber Creek LP

This company is a private equity firm that specializes in turning the passionate ideas of entrepreneurs into revenue generating businesses. Timber Creek Capital has its offices in Dallas, Texas.

Here they offer services like provision of funds, equipment, office space, accounting, legal, web development, graphic arts customer service expertise, merchant banking, intellectual capital, marketing, support staff and 35 years’ worth of entrepreneurial experience to sail through the business from infancy to fruition.

Mark Sparks is a passionate philanthropist. His surrounding community living in Dallas, Texas have witnessed the man donate to different programs that assist teenagers in getting a high school diploma.

Apart from giving money, Mark Sparks also spares his time to volunteer in places like the Habitat For Humanity where he helped build houses for the needy and Samaritan Inn.