January 27, 2019

“Marc Beer insights on improving the welfare of women suffering from pelvic disorders “

Renovia Inc. founder Marc Beer recently raised $42M; he says this will be directed at helping women’s health startup. The company aims at developing therapeutic devices that can diagnose rare diseases such as pelvic ailments in women.

In the past, the company has invested about $30 M towards the development of these devices which are essential in solving this kind of rare diseases. The organization targets explicitly treatment of urinary incontinence which affects a small percentage of women in the society. Renovia Inc. has produced products in the past which have been approved by FDA; this includes Leva which is a disease-fighting device.

Investments in the healthcare

Marc Beer says that the company plans to work with Longwood which is a company committed to the provision of quality services in the healthcare sector. Longwood just like Renovia is directing funds towards the development of devices and products aimed at improving the health of women. It is projected that the company will revise the existing Leva device to make it more user-friendly and efficient.

The partnership according to Marc Beer will be a good venture since it will enable women to access treatments cheaply in the long term. Patients will be receiving valuable information on better methods of treatment that works for them individually. According to Marc Beer, more patients are reporting that they understand their health issues and can tackle them efficiently and are now optimistic that they will live a healthy lifestyle.

The company is estimated to launch other new products after it accomplished series B of its line of products. Marc Beer says that the company was able to meet the success due to the support it has received from the various stakeholders in the healthcare. Together with the investors, they can develop a better vision and understanding of the industry; this will result in better diagnostic, treatment and bringing light to millions of people around the world affected by the disorder.

He adds that the combined efforts by the various innovative firms in the sector will result in the delivery of timely data. Efficient data involves a better understanding of the treatment option available to the affected people. This will be a way of imparting knowledge to people suffering from the disorder. Moreover, the treatment option available to people will be low due to the amount of funding directed towards the disorder.

Marc Beer’s career

When Marc left Aegerion, he did he had no idea that a bright future was awaiting at Renovia Inc. given his success in the capitalist world he joined Renovia and made it his business to help women suffering from pelvic disorders. Although he does not have training in entrepreneurial skills, he can turn little investments into success. He previously worked for different organizations such as ViaCell and Genzyme. Learn more: https://ideamensch.com/marc-beer/