August 4, 2017

Madison Street Capital Has Always Ridden on its Strong Customer Service to Build a Name in the Industry

Madison Street Capital reputation has grown to an unmatched level over the years. This achievement is as a result of the continued effort by the firm to give top-notch services to its clients that are spread across the globe. These services include giving sound investment advice and helping companies get access to credit. The Chicago-based firm also offers its expertise to the organizations in tackling hard business transactions. Other services include consulting services in mergers and valuations. Learn more:


Delighted Clients


One of the companies that Madison Street Capital has successfully helped secure credit is Vital Care Industries. Back in 2014, the medical products manufacturer was looking for a suitable firm that would offer a commercial loan. Madison Street Capital was able to offer its expertise that left the management of Vital Care delighted. In the merger efforts between DCG Software Value and The Spitfire Group this year, Madison Street Capital offered its much-thought advice in the transaction. DCG Software Value is a company that offers software solutions and is based in Great Britain and Pennsylvania. Madison Street Capital attracts top companies due to its impressive expertise. ARES Security Corporation, a firm that offers computer systems security solutions to government agencies and nuclear power plants, is one of Madison’s clients. It recently contracted Madison Street Capital as the only advisor in a minority recapitalization and subordinated debt investment transaction. Earlier this year, the firm helped a Maryland-based company, WLR Automotive Group, in a sale-leaseback transaction. Madison Street Capital has always made timely deliveries to its clients. Maintenance Systems Management praised Madison for it exemplary performance after the firm arranged a financing deal for it earlier this year. Learn more here:



Awards and Recognition


The efforts made by Madison Street Capital have not gone unrecognized as the firm has won several awards. The firm was a finalist in last year’s M&A Advisors Awards. It was also nominated as the top boutique investment banking company by Experts the same year. Earlier this year, the company won a Turnaround Award. Its co-founder, Anthony Marsala, was in the 40 Under Fort award list by National Association of Certified Valuator and Analysts.




Madison Street Capital’s philanthropic spirit has been a sure recipe for its reputable nature. In 2011, the firm helped adverse weather victims in Eastern and Midwestern United States.


About Madison Street Capital


Madison Street Capital is an award-winning investment banking firm headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. It has grown its services to other locations, such as Asia, Africa, and North America. Learn more:


Madison Street Capital was founded in the year 2005. The firm is built on strong customer value. Its knowledgeable professionals are always focused on giving the best. Learn more: