January 3, 2017

Jason Hope Gives An Insight of What It Takes To Run His Business

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur from Arizona, who mostly invests in healthcare technology. The self-proclaimed futurist is also a philanthropist. His vision is to make major strides in technology. In an exclusive interview with Inspirery.com, Hope gives more information about himself. Below is a recap of the interview:

What inspired him to start his business? How did he start it?

Hope states that one fittingly starts something that is related to business after graduating from Arizona State University with a degree in the field of Business. With just an undergraduate degree in finance, Hope went on to add an MBA. He then thought that, the only way he would create change is by venturing into the field of mobile communication technology, which is a field that inspired him. He then started off by selling text message services. Using this as a catapult, the business served as a foundation for his future in the field of medical research, through technology. He explains that, as much as mobile technology has been around for long, it still has the opportunity to grow.

How does he make money?

Jason Hope makes a fortune from the line of technological companies he has. He earned his first coin after he created a mobile communications company branded as Jawa. Jawa went on to partner with other technological companies, with it being the parent company. Some of the companies under Jawa provide Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services, Interactive Software and Digital Media Solutions, among many other services.

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How long did he take to start making profits?

It was all a walk in the park for Hope, since he started getting profits right from the start. This is, maybe, what encouraged him to invest in other individuals and companies.

Were there doubts when he started out?

Hope admits that it is usual for any entrepreneur, who is starting a business, to have a reasonable level of doubt. What makes one doubt himself are the challenges that come along. A good entrepreneur will, however, manage the challenges. He then adds that, the challenges he faced only made him better. This, together with his passion for technology, fueled him to where he is currently.

Other than referrals, what are some of the marketing strategies that Hope uses?

Jason Hope explains that social media is the best way to promote one’s product. Hope singles out Twitter as the most effective way to reach out to potential clients.

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