April 1, 2017

Jason Halpern: Leading Property Developer

Jason: Property Developer

Jason Halpern and his firm, JMH Development proclaimed that they were erecting a hotel on the Aloft South Beach, Miami. The hotel’s architecture derives its plan from the well-known Motel Ankara. According to its blueprint, the hotel building will have 235 rooms distributed over eight floors. JMH Development, in partnership with Madden Real Estate Ventures, were entrusted with running the projects. ADD architects came up with the designs, while Plaza Construction was responsible for basic construction.

When publicizing the deal, Jason could not conceal his zest. He revealed that his firm was the frontrunner in the tendering process due to is experience in restoring old designs. He noted that the beginning of the topping off was a significant step in the reconstruction process of the Aloft South Beach.

Jason Halpern with his Team

The hotel boasts of numerous world class features. Guests can enjoy the serene atmosphere of the nearby Miami Beach. The developers have customers’ fitness in mind, with a modernized gymnasium incorporated into the resort. The environs of the hotel are lavish with the Collins Canal and Miami Convention Center being nearby. The Lake pan Coast is also a few minutes’ drive away.

Jason’s Family

The hotel’s architecture is a magnum opus, but the niceness does not end there. The building has amalgamated into its design several deluxe features. Roof deck lounges and spacious suites are a common occurrence in the resort. An Olympic size outdoor swimming pool is also availed. Overall, the hotel aims to provide an experience of a lifetime to its guests.

The Aloft group, which is funding the project, owns some hotels, with over 100 businesses spread in various countries worldwide. An associate of the Starwood Syndicate, Aloft Hotels’ objective is to provide impressive and cherished experience to guests, with the use of modern infrastructure.

About Jason Halpern

Jason the Property Dreamer

Jason is the honcho at MH Development, a leading property development firm. Since ascending to the company’s leadership seven years ago, the firm has rapidly grown.

Since its inauguration, JMH has spent huge amounts on real estate. They major in offering direction in the whole process of property development, from procurement to marketing. Moreover, JMH has an archetypal record of restoring architectural relics.