July 16, 2016

Global Politics: George Soros Weighs In

Billionaire magnate George Soros has taken on an issue of global importance. In recent years, he has turned his energy and attention to the problems facing Ukraine. Whether it is advocating for EU support for the troubled country, or explaining why debt relief is appropriate for Ukraine, Soros has tackled the issue from a number of angles.

Soros’ position is that a twofold approach would provide the most benefit for the region. The imposition of sanctions on Russia has put a dent in that country’s economy. The hope is that Putin’s aggression and bizarre racial proclamations will also be tamped down by this. The second part of George Soros’ argument is that economic support for Ukraine is necessary. In calling on the nations in Europe to support their neighbor, the hope is that the threat posed by Russia to every nation in the region will be diminished.

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Soros is no stranger to political thinking and threat assessment. A keen, analytical mind is necessary to ascend to the heights he has reached in business. This type of thinking is clear in his writing on politics, as well. The points Soros makes stand up to the analysis of others, as well. In calling on European powerhouses such as Germany and the United Kingdom to assist Ukraine, he makes the pragmatic argument that they too will benefit in the long run. A strong neighbor for the bellicose Russian nation could act as a buffer for the rest of Europe.

With Putin’s aggression showing no signs of abating, it is important for leaders in business and politics to keep an eye on Russian interference around the world. Soros’ calls for action are admirable from a moral standpoint. Even more importantly, his analysis makes sense and his ideas hold water. One can only hope that the rest of the world will read and heed his opinions.

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