September 5, 2017

George Soros Will Leave Behind a Strong Legacy of Liberalism and Philanthropy

With great power comes great responsibility. George Soros has had a significant amount of power over the course of his adult life, and it is safe to say that he has been more than responsible with it. At the ripe age of 82, Soros is still one of the most respected and wealthiest businessmen in the world. He has made a name for himself and his wealth, estimated at $25 billion, by managing hedge funds. He is the founder of arguably the most successful hedge fund in American financial history, Soros Fund Management, LLC. Despite his considerable wealth, Soros has for years now shown considerable passions for both philanthropy and liberalism.For decades now, Soros has been involved in the advancement of liberal politics in and outside America. In America, his active involvement in politics largely began in 2004 to prevent the re-election of President George Bush. Soon after, he took part in the formation of the Democratic Alliance, one of the most powerful collective of political donors in the country. His involvement in other countries’ political scenes, however, began much earlier.

In 1984, his newly founded Open Society Foundation started providing material support to civil society groups in the country of his birth, Hungary, which was at the time under heavy Soviet domination. After the end of the cold war, he provided advice to former USSR countries that wished to transition into democracy. In recent years, his focus has largely been an America. As a great supporter of the Democratic Party, he in the last election funneled millions of dollars towards the party. Soros’s philanthropic undertakings and motivated by the same issues as his political undertakings. He believes that we should all be free and have unrestricted access civil and human rights. It is, therefore not surprising that only last year he put forward a staggering $10 million to go towards combating hate crimes.

In 2015 alone, Soros is estimated to have given more than $650 million of his money to philanthropic programs all around the world. This raised his lifetime charitable donations to about 49% of his current net worth.In many ways, Soros’s current motivations have been heavily influenced by his constant interaction with authoritarianism throughout his life. He was born only 15 years before the Second World War to Jewish parents in Hungary. For years, they struggled to stay out of the way of pro-Nazi Hungarian authorities. He was among the fortunate few that survived the war unharmed. Soon after the end of the war, he moved to London, where he received an education before moving on to America to fashion a better life for himself. Given all that he has accomplished thus far, it is safe to say that he succeeded in not only making a better life for himself but also for millions all around the world.