September 18, 2018

 Gaming your way up Malcolm CasSelle way.

Malcolm CasSelle holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He later pursued his masters at Stanford University also in Computer Science. Currently he is the CIO of OPSkins which sells in-game virtual asset globally. He also is President of WAX (Worldwide Asset eXchange) which is a distributed platform enabling functionality of virtual marketplace at no cost for all items on sale in real time.

OPSkins founders are the ones who developed WAX to help online players who own games. Malcolm also speaks in Japanese and Mandarin. In his career he has led startups in the digital business with examples of MediaPass , Tencent & Groupon in China among others. One of his major achievements, is co-founding PCCW which within a year and a half went from startup to making close $40 dollar market capital.

OPSkins has worldwide users who trade recurrently and also the lead bitcoin mercantile. However, it faced inadequacies that any other centralized technologies. To remedy this, their next move was to decentralize the marketplace for its virtual properties thus the creation of WAX.

WAX blockchain technology solves quandary of fragmentation and fraud because selling and buying can take place with their game not being clicked off. They saw bits and pieces of local market places on virtual resources trading environment at the beginning due to difference in languages payments and security limiting them to their own locality.

WAX Tokens solved this fragmentation by permitting traders to tokenize. Initially there was need to use a middlemen when users with different utility tokens and varying crypto currencies. The exchange problem is resolved by WAX Token which exercises a universal currency. A virtual goods market which is safe from scam has been enabled by blockchain’s use of smart contracts ensuring traders receive what is promised.

Delegated Proof of Stake (DPOS) is an algorithmic consensus which is the most effective model out there is powers WAX’s blockchain technology. DPOS uses “guilds” which are confirming codes, how much it is voted determines its ranking. CasSelle is so confident in WAX and further states that crypto currency will go conventional through the gaming industry.

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