December 8, 2017

Fabletics Worth over $250 Million in Three Years

Giants companies like Amazon have dominated the e-commerce for many years. This dominance means that whoever is coming into the market must strategize to get a proper landing. Fabletics under Kate Hudson is using subscription technique to make sells and again get more repeat customers. They ensure that their customers get what they want at one stop and with a lot of conveniences.


The strategy that Fabletics is using is similar to the one Warby Parker and Apple are using. It is because of this strategy that Fabletics is planning to open more additional physical stores to add to the existing ones. They currently have stores in Illinois, Florida, Hawaii, and California; they are set to add sixteen more in different locations.


The general manager of Fabletics Mr. Gregg Throgmartin reveals the secret behind their success. According to Mr. Gregg, the membership technique, personalized services, availability of trending fashions, and half price offer has enabled them to break the barrier that was in the market.


Fabletics encourages reverse showrooming as a way to get more sales in the physical and online stores. They don’t put a lot of attention on where on buys from, all goods that their customers buy go to both off and online shopping cart. Fabletics stores are stocked following the data collected from real-time sales activities, social media, and local members’ preference. Fabletics physical stores focus on consumer experience, consumer education, and a balance of lifestyle to conquer new markets.


About Kate Hudson


Fabletics has grown from a small startup to a company worth $250 million in less than four years. The idea of having an athleisure brand was birthed in the mind of Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler in 2013. According to the two gentlemen, Kate Hudson was the right person to carry out the project. They thought of her as one who could advertise and at the same time manage the business through her active lifestyle.


Kate has since been working hard to ensure that company has fantastic designs by designing the gear herself, she also uses to gear. She has also been keen to check on how the products sales to be able to stock the stores appropriately. The company’s membership has grown to over 1.2 members under Kate’s leadership. Kate has also developed a good working environment with TechStyle Fashion Group; the parent company of Fabletics. The relationship has boosted the growth of Fabletics rather than doing it alone.