August 12, 2016

Fabletics Is So Popular That They Are Now Opening Storefronts

Some companies are successful enough that they have a single online store that excels very well, and they choose not to open up a storefront. Fabletics is a different type of store that not only has done excellent online but has chosen to open up storefronts that will make them even more popular. Since Fabletics only sells athletic wear, those who need to go to yoga class in the evening and need an outfit right away can simply stop in one of their stores to buy what they need for the evening. The clothing changes all the time, so finding new and fashionable athletic wear is easy to do in any of the Fabletics stores.

There are only seven Fabletics stores that are currently open, but many more are planned for the future as it’s being reported on the Racked website. The Fabletics stores are supposed to be spread out across the USA in order to give customers a wide variety of locations to make purchases of activewear. Those who don’t know what Fabletics is may not have seen the many commercials on Twitter, as well as the online advertising for the website, but they can still easily walk into a store and see what the company has to offer. Not only are women outfitted at the Fabletics stores but men as well. What people really love about Fabletics is the low prices, which easily beat many of their competitors.

Many activewear sellers have prices that are twice or even three times as high as the clothing that is sold in the Fabletics stores on Instagram. Since many know that they’re saving up to 50% or more on their purchases, Fabletics has been a natural choice for those who need athletic wear. Since many were so used to buying their athletic wear from the Fabletics store online, it may be hard getting used to going into a storefront, but this is very convenient for those who’re in a rush to get the clothing they need right away.

Members of Fabletics will not be left out either because they can use their membership within the stores as well. Anyone can make their purchases at the store as well as signing up for membership if they don’t already have it. The Fabletics stores act just like the online store, so no fan of Fabletics will miss out on making purchases, especially if they are not able to make them online for one reason or another. The membership fee that is paid for the Fabletics membership still entitles the user to spend the fee from their account, whether they purchase the membership in the store or online. Currently, the Fabletics membership fee is $49.95 each month. See: