February 22, 2017

Fabletics is changing the way we shop for workout apparel

If you are looking for trendy, stylish, comfortable, yet affordable workout clothing, look no further than Fabletics. Plus, you can shop online and have your custom outfits sent right to your door every month. Fabletics offers you a discounted outfit for you to try out your first month. You will start your membership by taking a quiz that will help determine your lifestyle and clothing style needs. This quiz will help tailor the outfits available at Fabletics to outfits that you will love. It will make it easier to shop and find that perfect outfit that you will enjoy. After you receive your first outfit, you will receive monthly, hand picked outfits to choose from, or you can create your own. You will receive free shipping too! If you decide you do not want an outfit that month, simply choose the skip a month option in your account. Once a member, you also have the option to purchase clothing a la carte at a discount price.


For the affordable price you pay, the quality of the clothing you receive from Fabletics is unmatched. Their clothing rivals that of the more expensive brands. The style of clothing is trendy and comfortable. There are so many different options offered by Fabletics that anyone should be able to find a style they will enjoy. Their clothes don’t fade over many washings, an important feature for workout clothing. The outfits hold their shape and compression, keeping you looking great after many workouts. All of the clothes are soft, high quality, and thick, so you won’t have any see-through problems. Thanks to their high-quality products at affordable prices, Fabletics has a very loyal membership base.


Fabletics is changing the way that people shop for workout clothing. In only a few short years, they have become a multi-million dollar business, giving apparel giants like Amazon, who controls twenty percent of the apparel market, a run for their money. Fabletics has even started to open physical stores. Many physical stores are struggling with customers coming in to see the items, but then purchasing then online at a cheaper price. For Fabletics, it doesn’t matter if their members buy in store or online, they are simply opening their stores as another part of their customer service and to help build their membership base. Their stores help them identify local trends and tailor their inventory to what each community is looking for.