September 14, 2016

Eric Pulier Uses His Innovative Ideas to Help Change the World

Eric Pulier resides in Los Angeles California and is American entrepreneur, technologist, author and philanthropist. Impressively, he was just in fourth grade when he began programming computers. Just a few years later, when he was in high school, he started a database computer company. He also attended Harvard University and majored in English and American literature. Pulier participated in the Harvard Crimson and wrote a column for the paper, along with being an editor.

Since the beginning of his career, he has founded over 15 companies. He was also co-founder of ServiceMesh, Inc., where her served as its Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. Pulier was also previously the Vice President and General Manager of Cloud at Computer Sciences Corporation. Adding to his list of accomplishments, he was also founder of Desktone and Media Platform, among others.

Pulier founded a company called People Doing Things, which was a company designated to help provide health care and education, through the use of technology. In 1997, Eric was chosen by the Presidential Inaugural Committee to create and conduct the Presidential Technology Exhibition in Washington, D.C. Not long after, he built Starbright World. Starbright World was a private social network, where children with serious illnesses could chat and interact with others who shared similar experiences.

In his spare time, Eric Pulier spends his time donating to non-profit organizations. He also is part of the board for The Painted Turtle, which is a camp for kids who have a serious illness. He is also co-author of a book on service-oriented architecture, titled Understanding Enterprise SOA.

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