July 14, 2016

Eric Pulier Made My Education Better Instantly

The education that I was getting in school was not as good as it could have been until Eric Pulier came around and gave me what I needed. He started People Doing Things to help people like me, but he also created all the technology that he brought into the class. I knew that I could get a lot more done in class with the new things that he brought in, and I got a lot of new technology because he was working with the school to get my whole class the things we needed. We also knew that we could use these items in other classes.

The things that we were using in class were great for me because they allowed me to catch up in school, and then I decided that I was going to be able to go to college. I was able to get access to these things when I went to college, and I actually still had access to them even after I got out. Eric Pulier has been a Godsend, and he has made sure that all the people like me are not held back by our disabilities. Read More On: http://www.thecrimson.com/writer/710/Eric__Pulier/

The people that worked with Eric  back in the day are really indebted to him, and now I think we are all out in the world and leading nice lives. We are not even disabled anymore because we learned that we could do anything we wanted at any time. It just made more sense for us to come to Eric Pulier and People Doing Things for help. I was able to work with them long after school, and I hear that Pulier is working with the X Prize committee to this day asking people to think about how their technology is going to help others.

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