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May 22, 2017

Cassio Audi A Musician To Start

Although the name Cassio Audi rings many bells resonating with success in the Brazilian finance industry, he is also a talented musician whose roots can be traced to the emergence of traditional rock metal music groups in Brazil. During the early days when he was searching for a meaningful career, he prominently featured in many bands. Many people who knew him well at the time say that he is an energetic and multifaceted personality who demonstrates the same zeal he had in music in other businesses he is involved in.


Amongst the top music bands, he played with in the 1980s are groups such as Soldiers of Sunrise and Killera Sword bands. He was often a drummer, but occasionally he would play other instruments. Between 1985 and 1989 Audi was quite instrumental in giving many fledgling bands a sense of purpose and direction. All around the world, heavy metal music lovers readily recognize the name of Audi. He inspired and popularized the music genre in Brazil during the period when he first came to the attention of international metal music fans as a drummer for Viper, a Brazilian band.


He was a leader in expanding the scene of heavy metal music in the entire region of Latin America. The Viper was a band strongly influenced by the British heavy metal music groups of the 1970s and early 80s. Although all the band members were teenagers, Cassio Audi always played a key role in the evolution of the groups. In particular, his energy and commitment to playing music made the Viper to enjoy international recognition and success until 1989 when Audi left the group. In 1985, he contributed a lot to the first demo recording known as The Killera Sword, which was followed by 1987 Viper’s debut album called Soldier of Sunrise.

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