July 14, 2016

Bob Reina Inspires The Culture Of Working Hard For Success In Talk Fusion

For those who know Bob Reina, success is something that has to be natured over a period of years. The idea of Talk Fusion came about when Bob Reina was on a tour in North Carolina when he took a video of his potential new home. Bob opened his email and tried to attach the video to send it to his family. However, to his surprise, the AOL email said the action could not be completed. That’s when the idea came to Bob to answer the question; what if people could a find a way to send video by email and then market the innovation through direct selling?

Since the company started operations in 2007, the company has dedicated itself to help people realize their dreams, build futures, and give back to the society. The role of Talk Fusion is easily described by what Bob often says, “With great success comes greater responsibility.” Talk Fusion’s mission shapes the company’s culture because it is part of DNA which drives everything they do as company representatives.

Bob Reina’s influence and impact in the world is incredible. For instance, when he donated $1 million to Humane Society of Tampa Bay to support an Indonesian orphanage. His mission is to spearhead change through actions. Bob had recently taken his generosity in giving back one step forward when he launched a program that will help Talk Fusion Associate to donate one free account to charities of their choice.

Video communication is becoming a significant part of our lives, especially in the online experience. In fact, there is a growing number of small businesses which prefers the video to better services. Talk Fusion now makes video broadcasting, conferencing and social networking products. Recently, the company launched its much anticipated 30 day free trials in 140 countries with nine different languages. New customers are allowed to try the Video Marketing Solution risk-free for 30 days. It is an opportunity for new customers to understand and prove the effectiveness of the video marketing at a firsthand experience.