May 8, 2016

At Qnet, it is not just Direct Selling

As Qnet, we have been in business for the last 16 years as a direct selling company. Comparatively, we are a new competitor in an industry dominated by bigger direct selling firms than us. As Qnet, we started off as a young group of friends. We had a similar vision for marketing so that we could promote better wellness and healthy living. We are a successful online marketing company offering a variety of products and brands that are focused on enhancing our customers’ lives. Through this, we promote and encourage healthy lifestyles. Our superior and quality products range from skin care products, wellness products, and nutritional products to fine jewelry and Swiss-made watches.

When selecting our products, as Qnet, we rigorously test them so that we add only quality products. During our product evaluation, we look into a few unique aspects that are based on moral standards and ideality. As a company, we are committed to supporting a strictly healthy vegetarian lifestyle. At Qnet, we are firmly promoting and advocating vegetarianism as a healthy way of life. In all our company events, we serve vegetarian meals as we believe we have to be the examples. These high standards are reflected in all parts of our business strategies as well as our products. In all our consumables, we don’t allow any non-vegetarian products.

Additionally, we advocate for safe testing that is harmless to animals. In any of our testing exercises, we use no animals. As a company, we have made enormous efforts to create and spread awareness on the rising rates of bad-eating-habits-diseases. Some of the diseases include heart diseases, obesity, diabetes, and other degenerative diseases. We take our awareness to the worldwide level by reducing artificial sweeteners, sugar and harmful chemicals in our products that we are selling online.
Our philosophy at Qnet is that we better ourselves to better those around us. That is our stance as the current leading direct selling company in Asia. At Qnet, we share our success with the people around us.

As a young and thriving company, we have great potential, and we actively serve both our local communities and the international community as well. Our service to domestic and international communities is evident in our participations in vital community programs. As Qnet, we are known well by our collective efforts to support the Rashid Center and its programs to benefit children with special needs. We are also active on the social media to enlighten the world. You can reach us via social media accounts, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube Channel.

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  1. Samuel Jose says:

    We take corporate social responsibility with the seriousness it deserves. At Qnet, we are dedicated and devoted wholeheartedly to philanthropic work internationally. I also have the means in which professional writing services get all their results done in a very much specific ways.

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