May 12, 2016

Andy Wirth Improves Skiing Resort Infrastructure

The Squaw Valley in Lake Tahoe is known for some its scenic landscape and winter conditions. It plays host to the best winter sports facilities in the Northern Hemisphere and is a hub of activity in winter. Tourists and sports fanatics make the Squaw Valley their home creating an economic boom for the local communities.

Andy Wirth is one of the local investors who positions himself to make a profit during this period. He is the founder and CEO of Squaw Valley Holdings, a company that owns several resorts and Skiing clubs in the area. Wirth is also a skiing enthusiast and his love for sports, in general, leads him to enjoy disciplines such as skydiving too.

The local communities in the area work together for conservation purposes since the ecosystem is their primary source of income. They provide labor, security for the resorts in the area. Tourists also come to experience the vibrant culture of these communities. Read more: andy wirth | POWDER Magazine

The local resorts and tourist establishments also collaborate to tap into business opportunities during the winter peak.

It a known fact that the terrain along the valley makes it hard to move around. Developers also have the challenge of creating minimal disturbance to the ground when constructing roads. Andy Wirth has been dedicated to providing sustainable solutions for such challenges. In 2011, Squaw Valley Resorts acquired the neighboring Alpine Meadows and integrated into one corporate entity.

This acquisition has made it possible to construct a game-changing gondola that would facilitate base to base movements between the ski resorts as published on Powder Magazine. The new connection brings convenience and speed to skiers and snowboarders, therefore, more fun and business. Andy Wirth felt that the gondola was always going to be the best and most sustainable solution for the local infrastructure.

Andy Wirth played an integral part in negotiating with the owners of the land between the Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley to allow the new line to pass. The last part before construction begins involves gaining the approval of the US Forest Service and County authorities. Learn more about Andy Wirth:

Andy Wirth’s presence in the Valley benefits the local communities. He has three decades of experience in the Hotel and Resort industry and utilizes revolutionary approaches to promote business.

Andy Wirth is also regarded to as a selfless leader and a marketing genius. He has already started using the gondola construction to create more publicity and interest towards the Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows sites.

Surprisingly, Wirth was born in Germany, attended schools in Scotland before enrolling at the Colorado State University for his Bachelor of Science Degree.


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