July 12, 2017

Adam Milstein, The Man’s Business Thinking and Ethics

In an interview with ideamensch.com on December 9, 2016 with Adam Milstein, you will learn about the man, his business thinking and work ethics.


For those who do not know about Adam Milstein, here is a quick summary of the man. Adam Milstein is currently a partner at Hager Pacific Properties, a real estate investment company. But needless to say, that is not where he started. He was born in Israel, served in the Yom Kippur War and received his BA from Technion in Israel in 1978 before coming to the US.


Adam Milstein came to the US in 1981, where his first goal was to earn his MBA from USC. After graduating in 1983, he became an independent Commercial Real Estate broker in California. Why? Because he quickly learned, to his dismay, that campus recruiters were only willing to bring him on board at a salary that was less than that of what an undergrad student was making at the time. To him, that was totally unacceptable to what his experience and knowledge brought to the table.


And from the success that he had in the three years that followed as a broker in real estate, his assessment of his abilities were well founded. So, what did he discover about himself that helped make him successful? He said it in three words: Follow-up, consistency, and persistence.


Though I feel that follow-up, consistency and persistence were and are, important factors to his “work ethic”, there is one factor that kept him moving forward, and that was his genuine passion for the career he was in. For example, he stated that even with all the ups and downs that the real estate business offered, he found it all very exciting.


Milstein is not only an entrepreneur, he is a philanthropist, a community leader and a devoted family man.


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