September 14, 2016

John Goullet an IT Success Story

John Goullet is a talented Information technology consultant. Mr. Goullet is currently the Chief Executive Officer and Chairperson of Info Technologies. He founded Info Technologies in 1994. Info Technology is an IT Staffing firm. The company focuses on offering answers to Fortune 500 corporations countrywide. Info Technologies has developed to $30 M within five years. The Inc. magazine listed Info Technologies as one of the country’s fastest-developing private firms.

Gene Waddy combined his company Diversant Inc. with Goullets’ Info Technology to create Diversant LLC in 2010. Mr. Goullet is the chairperson of Diversant LLC and has worked for the company for over six years. The firm has advanced into one of the major Info Technology staffing corporations countrywide under his leadership. Mr.Goullet has continued with his passion for creating new techniques of meeting the problems that face IT market.

John Goullet believes in working entirely for everything and not just handing it over to him. He believes that an entrepreneur needs to start something from the bottommost and creates it into a distinct. Diversant LLC is a company different from the rest. The firm strives for greatness. Mr. Goullet has handled Diversant LLC not only with dignity but also utmost honor and high esteem. That is why he is different from any other person in his arena.

He ensures that the company builds relations with the customers that will last for ages. Mr. Goullet also makes sure that they are honest to their clients and maintain trust. Their Info Technology advisors have skills and knowledge to get everything done perfectly. Mr. Goullet distinguishes the importance of customers’ satisfaction. He insists on caring for their clients. Mr. Goullet also has respect for the employees. He recognizes that every person has a part to play to make the engine run. He believes that it is a group effort that the company needs at the end of the day. Goullet has faith in the fact that each person’s skills and knowledge make things happen. He appreciates these principals. That is the reason why he is so prosperous.